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The Goodyear Cup - Men's A

The premium men's rugby in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Goodyear Cup plays from August to October.

2017 Goodyear Cups Winners: The Dogs Rugby Football Club!



The Deacy Cup - Women's

Women's rugby is on the grow in Newfoundland! The Deacy runs all spring and summer


Coming Soon!



The Sully Cup - Men's B

The Sully Cup runs from July to September and features the second best men's rugby in the province. 

2017 Sully Cup Winners: The Vandals Rugby Football Club!



The Jacobs Cup - U18 Men's 

This development league runs all summer and features the best up and coming underage players

2017 Winners: The Dogs Rugby Football Cup!




The Collins Cup - Men's Summer League

Running from June to August, the summer league acts as a bridge between U18 and senior rugby. A mix of up and coming developing players and older stubborn players that don't know when to hang up the cleats.

The Dogs win the 2018 Collins Cup over the Swilers!

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P- Games Played

W- Wins

D - Draw

L- Loss

PF - Points For

PA - Points Against

Diff - Points Differential

TF - Tries For

TA - Tries Against

TB - Try Bonus Point

LB - Losing Bonus Point (losing by 7 points or fewer)

Pts - Total Standing Points


Tie breaking rules

In the event of two or more teams being equal on competition points for any position on the Standings tables, either during or at the end of the season, such position will be decided upon using the following steps until the tie is broken:

  1. Most wins from all matches;

  2. Highest aggregate points difference from all matches;

  3. Most tries from all matches;

  4. Highest aggregate difference of total tries for versus tries scored against from all matches;

  5. Coin toss.