Rock Women Prepare for the Atlantic Tournament

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The Rock senior women team are gearing up for the Atlantic Tournament. The squad, along with the captain and assistant captain's names were announced on Monday. The tournament is set to begin from July in Nova Scotia. 

The team finished second in the tournament last year and is looking to finish stronger this time around. Roxanne Butler, the coach of the women's team, is confident in the player's experience this season.
"Sophie the team Captain was a member of the Acadia women’s Rugby team last season making it to the National tournament and along with Maegan Roche and Sydney Noseworthy, the Assistant Captains, they have a number of years experience including at the junior levels, the Vegas 7s, GSF7S, Kingston University Tournament as well as locally in club rugby." She said.

The support staff, along with the players, are also working hard along with the coach to get the team prepared for the tournament.
"Christopher Pickard, has stepped in and is helping in a big way running speed and fitness training three times per week. We are still four-weeks out and we have two inter squad games planned, video analysis, the fitness and Rugby game specific training that I hope will all combine to form a well-prepared team." Added Butler.

The newly appointed captain, Sophie Pickard, believes the team is a strong competitor in the tournament.
"I am thrilled to have the chance to lead this wonderful and talented group of women. With all of the hard work put in over the off season I think that even though we are a young team we can definitely be a contender at the senior level of Atlantics" She said.

Team list:

  1. Allison Haynes
  2. Claire Gatherall
  3. Elsa Simms
  4. Emily Powell
  5. Emma Bridgeman
  6. Emma Gallagher
  7. Emma Taylor
  8. Frances Winsor
  9. Holly-Julia Dollimont
  10. Jacqueline Barry
  11. Kaitlyn Burke
  12. Kathleen Shea
  13. Kayla Halleran
  14. Kelsey Morgan
  15. Kelsey Vinnicombe
  16. Madeline Pickard
  17. Maegan Roche
  18. Meghan Childs
  19. Melissa Cobb
  20. Morgan Evans
  21. Mya Staubitzer
  22. Natasha Cobb
  23. Olivia Genge
  24. Sophie Pickard
  25. Sydney Noseworthy


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Graham Cook