For High School girls Rugby in Newfoundland, participation is thriving, with high numbers of young athletes coming out to try the sport. 


These opportunities are only possible due to the amazing support of the young women who have gone before them and who are eager to give-back to a game they are so very passionate to support.  Nineteen young women will help coach the four-teams in the area bringing a wealth of experience and support to these schools.


This year, all the Coaches in the Girl’s St. John’s City League have come through the Newfoundland Rock Development Rugby Program at some time; some are still in the program and some graduated close to ten years ago.      


Maegan Roche, Emma Gallagher, Kelsey Morgan and Emily Powell are getting their young charges at Prince of Wales Collegiate prepared for the season ahead.


Rebekkah Sheppard, Olivia Genge, Bridget Henley, Claire Gatherall and Madeline Pickard will lead the Holy Heart girls.


Luci Thomson, Holly Thomson, Casey Thorburn, and Cassie Kennedy are busy preparing the young athletes at Waterford Valley High School.


At Gonzaga, Lesley Cowan, Kathleen Shea, Natasha Cobb, Emma Bridgeman, Kayla Halleran and Trinity Cleary will all support the team.  


Quite the number of young women, passionate about and eager to see women’s Rugby grow in our area.   Thirteen of these 19-young women are also players and 11 are just back from Ireland where they took the Bowl Trophy in the All-Women’s Malone Tournament with 24-teams from across the World.


A number of young women also put up their hands one and a half years ago taking the Referees course and this weekend, Maegan Roche and Sydney Noseworthy will referee the majority of the games at the Girls Rugby Jamboree.


Saturday, September 23rd the St. John’s Girls League will host a Girls Mini-Jamboree at the Swilers Rugby Club with the first kick off at 2:00 p.m.   The tournament is 10-a-side and includes the four teams above as well as the Roncali Girls’ team from the Metro Division.   The weatherman is calling for a temperature of 20 and sunny, so come out and support your favorite team or player.  


The Swilers Rugby Club, 100 Crosbie Road


Schedule of games also posted.



Roxanne Butler