The Roncali Rugby Girls faced the Waterford Valley Girls in the final match of the Girl’s High School Jamboree at the Swiler’s Rugby Club on Saturday, September 23rd 2017.   After a very exciting tournament and amazing efforts by both teams, Roncali took the game becoming the Jamboree Champions.

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Five teams from Holy Heart, Prince of Wales, Roncali, Waterford Valley and Gonzaga competed in the tournament with close to 70 young athletes participating.    Teams often played back-to-back games testing their endurance, skill and determination and having a good bit of fun.    As many of the players were Rookies (new to the game) there were many learning moments.   One such moment happened when a young player ran in the ball and grounded it.   She clearly had been coached well as she knew what to do, but she wasn’t sure what happened next and looked at the Ref asking “so what is this, what happens now?’.  The Referee grinned “You ran in the ball and placed it for a try.  You did your job.  I ran in and put my arm up and blew the whistle signaling your try.  I did my job.   Good job.   Now kick for more points and let’s go again.”

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The earlier game in the Round-Robin between Roncali and Waterford Valley had ended in a 5-5 tie promising an exciting finish to the tournament.   However, it was not to be for the Waterford girls as Roncali turned it up and ran in four tries.  Angel Hiltz-Morrell crossed the line three times in the final, chalking up 15 of the 20 points in the 20-0 final score for Roncali.



The women’s’ game has the potential to grow and become much stronger in this area but it will only happen with competitions and events like this Jamboree and the support of the clubs, friends, families and past-players.   We are very grateful to the many parents who watched and cheered for three hours and also thrilled to see the Swiler’s men’s team out cheering on the girls.  


Finally, a huge thank you to all the Coaches who so unselfishly give their time, expertise and guidance to these incredibly young players.   And finally, to Sydney Noseworthy and Maegan Roche who were the volunteer Referees for the day and without their support this tournament would not have happened. 

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