Swilers Gear Up for the Final Show

The summer league will see it's final today, after months of exciting Rugby. The Swilers will be taking on the Dogs in the grand finale. They are the favourites to win after performing consistently throughout the tournament. Swilers will look to continue their run once more in the finals and bring home the title. The final will take place at the Swilers home ground. Kick off is at 6:30pm.

Possible Swilers line-up:
1 Alex O’keefe
2 Thomas Hagan
3 Stephen Mallard
4 Liam Slade
5 Aaron Burrows
6 Dennis Sutton
7 Kieran Lacey
8 Brad Follett
9 Jack McCann
10 Dan Jones
11 Andrew Shears
12 Andrew Mcabe
13 Kyle McGuirk
14 Gabriel Bunito
15 Campbell Clarke
16 David Mallard
17 Adam Turner
18 Liam Warren
19 Taylor Van de Wiel
20 Zach Sutton
21 Lance Penny
22 Bobby Greene
23 Lucas Shortall
24 Adam Paul
25 James Conliffe
26 Devin Lacey
27 Graham Cook
28 Gavin Williamson
29 Evan MacKenzie
30 Chris Burt

Swilers logo.jpeg
Jill Jubabir